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Welcome to PatientCharge.com, A leading solution provider for the healthcare industry!

Located in Boston, PatientCharge is a vendor agnostic, technology provider and systems integrator with over 25 years experience serving dental and medical offices. Our core expertise in automated payment solutions, office telecommunications, and cloud computing helps small to medium healthcare offices leverage technology to reduce their costs, and increase profits. Because medical professionals are busy with the complexities involved in patient care, many medical practices are lagging in technology, from how they accept patient payments, to office systems and communications. We are authorized agents of TransEngen, Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, NPC and FirstData. Because of our relationships with these best of breed technologies, we’re able to tailor specific solutions to the needs of every practice we work with. Often times, our competitors over charge, and over sell technology products to medical practices that don’t need an overblown IT footprint. This can be fiscally overburdening to a practice for both upfront costs, and for maintaining in the long term. We work with you to create a technology footprint tailored to your needs in a cost effective/efficient way, producing immediate results to your bottom line profits.

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Hosted PBX Solutions For Healthcare

We’ve helped many hospitals and practices reduce overhead costs up to 30% and become more efficient by implementing a reliable, crystal clear, High Def phone service with an unlimited number of office extensions for free. Even better? There is no contract, AND we offer the first 30 days for FREE. Other hosted PBX providers are double the monthly cost, charge extra for EACH user, charge extra for EACH extension, AND lock you down in a contract.

Cloud Computing & Microsoft Exchange Server

The Patient Charge Cloud Network is designed to reduce the overall cost of IT ownership for healthcare, and allow medical practices and hospitals to use that saved money towards other areas of day to day business. Our IT Cloud solutions meet the scalability and accessibility required by EMR, and adhere to the strict standards of HIPAA. Managed IT that economically scales on demand, at a much lower cost than either of the older models used by hospitals and medical practices.

Patient Payment Solutions

Process credit card, debit card, checking or savings account. Our solutions use your current computer and Internet connection, and eliminates the need for dedicated phone lines and expensive point-of-sale devices. AND, these solutions interface with your billing or practice management system so you avoid double data entry, avoiding the problem of incorrect billing codes being entered.

Patient Payment WITH Estimator

Used by over 30,000 physicians, this HIPAA Compliant, web based technology was specifically designed for healthcare, to better deal with high deductible insurance plans that account for more than 30% of practice revenue today! Instantly verifies and estimates insurance coverage at the time of treatment, AND produces a patient‐friendly statement for you to provide patients so they know what their out-of-pocket costs are at the time of service. The system can then accept and record patient balance by cash, check or credit/debit card at point of care. OR, for larger balances owed, patient signs pre-authorization form allowing automated monthly recurring payments from their credit/debit card, or ACH account. Patient payments can be accepted in person, over the phone or online. You accelerate payments right at the point of care, and avoid costly collection efforts later!

It easily integrates with existing practice management programs, costs less than a regular credit card machine, and automates your billing process saving both time and money.

Traditional methods of bill collection are a waste of time. Just to send out 1,000 statements each month costs $420 in postage alone, not to mention the costs of both the paper AND administrative staff to generate those bills. Only 50% of those bills are ever paid! Why not automate and improve your billing system to reduce overhead costs, patient bad debt and increase collections right at the point of care?

From one system, providers can process and manage any form of payment from patients ‐ for the full amount owed at the time of visit, or to secure a payment guarantee for the amount the patient will owe after the insurance claim is reimbursed including any deductible or coinsurance amounts. For larger balances owed, arrange or secure payments in recurring automated format by capturing a payment method on file for post adjudication collection thus eliminating the need for invoices or collection efforts later.

Our solutions have been producing a significant return on investment to our physicians in improving cash flow, and reducing patient bad debt. All sensitive data is securely stored and supported by a HIPAA Compliant, state of the art data center insuring 24×7 data availability!

  1. Increase upfront patient collections
  2. Decrease Receivables
  3. Increase staff efficiency
  4. Reduce billing and collection costs
  5. Increase insurance claim collections with accurate, real time estimates
  6. Drastically reduce patient bad debt!
The Revenue Maximizer, designed specifically for healthcare providers, has numerous advantages over a traditional point-of-sale terminal.
Revenue Maximizer

Traditional POS Terminal
Process credit card payments
Designed specifically for healthcare practices
Offers patients a variety of payment options
Convert paper checks to electronic fund transfer (EFT)
Store credit card and bank account data for use with future or recurring transactions
Create and manage installment plans for patients
Attach patient account information, provider name, location, department, claim ID (if applicable) and date of service to each payment
Requires costly dedicated phone lines and point-of-sale devices

For a free demo of one of our solutions, call: (800) 288-1358 or email us at:Contact Us You have nothing to lose but those high overhead costs and high receivables!

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