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The rapidly changing landscape of telecommunications technology has opened the door for lower total cost of ownership, while increasing the quality and features available to healthcare providers. In continuing our overall focus on reducing high costs for our healthcare clients, PatientCharge has created a proprietary telecom platform that’s tailored to the needs of hospitals, long term care facilities, medical offices, dental offices and other healthcare sectors. Our experienced team of consultants and engineers have worked to create a telephony solution that reduces costs and improves operational efficiency.

Traditional on site PBX systems cost thousands of dollars in upfront hardware and installation costs, and maintenance can be high especially as a system gets older.  The monthly cost of traditional business phone service also adds to the financial burden of your telephony costs.  Our standards compliant, high definition hosted PBX phone service costs 50% less than traditional PBX business phone service, and gives you greater flexibility. At anytime, you can access your account remotely to make or receive business calls from your home office, iphone, android phone, or computer. This means you’re “at your desk, ready for business” anywhere, anytime.  Or, create unlimited virtual extensions (multiple extensions per user are FREE).  Internal calls are always free regardless of who and where you’re calling – calling from your Boston office phone to a coworker in Australia?  Free!

We’ve helped many hospitals and practices reduce overhead costs up to 30% and become more efficient by implementing a reliable, crystal clear, High Def phone service with an unlimited number of office extensions for free.  Even better?  There is no contract, AND we offer the first 30 days for FREE.  Other hosted PBX providers are double the monthly cost, charge extra for EACH user, charge extra for EACH extension, AND they lock you down in a contract.


  • Work Remotely from your mobile phone, home office phone or an IP Phone, you can have a mobile office no matter where you are in the USA
  • Provisioning is also very easy  –  Just call or email us, and we’ll configure phone lines and extensions for new employees, or to reroute
  • Lower the cost of health care for dentists and doctors
  • These systems automate how an office runs from scheduling, to documentation of a visit, to a bill, helping make doctors more proactive and efficient
  • Integration of Voice with email allowing you to click on a contacts name and automatically call
  • Operational standpoint, our program is easy to add new employees, for both email and phone
  • Many new employees can be set up with a home office, and provisioned with a softphone for their computer, or a polycom telephone.

PBX PRICING (2 User Minimum Required)

Basic Plan $19.99/month Per User + 3.5¢ per min inbound & outbound to Standard Calling areas (4.9¢ per min inbound on toll-free numbers) + Unlimited Extensions + Voice Mail + Music On Hold + Dial By Name Directory + Announcements + Auto Attendant


Unlimited Plan $28.99/month Per User + Unlimited Minutes (Calls within USA Only) And Unlimited Extensions + Voice Mail + Music On Hold + Dial By Name Directory + Announcements + Auto Attendant


Add On Feature Pricing:

Voicemail box $5.99/mo.

Conferencing $24.95/mo.

Auto attendant $21.95/mo.

Call parking $16.95/mo.

ACD queues $21.95/mo.

We have phone numbers available in almost every region of the US. Just $10, then $3/month. OR, keep your existing number for just $19.99 porting fee.  Just follow our 3-step guide below.

1) Submit a port request from our contact form.

We will confirm that your number(s) can be ported and send you an email when we find out. Please take note of the Case Number in the email you receive.

2) Fax us your most recent phone bill.

Please fax the most recent phone bill from your current service provider to (800) 308-0156. Be sure to include the Case Number in your fax. We need just one page with the following information: old provider name, your company name, your company address, phone number(s) to be ported.

3) Review and sign a Letter of Authorization.

We will email you a Letter of Authorization for your review and signature. Please review, sign, and fax it back to us at (800) 308-0156. Note that the information in the Letter of Authorization must match with the information on your latest phone bill.

A number port can happen in as few as 10 days or it may take 3-6 weeks, depending on your current carrier.

How will I get phone service during this porting period?

Once you have set up your PatientCharge phone system (added users, created phone trees, auto attendants, etc) and your VoIP phones, we can provide you with temporary PatientCharge numbers.  Simply have your current provider remote call forward your business phone numbers to the temporary PatientCharge numbers we’ve provided. You are live with PatientCharge at this point.

When your number port is complete, cancel your service with your old provider and everything is 100% PatientCharge.

*If you are porting from more than 5 carriers or providers, we may charge an administrative fee of $50 per carrier / provider above 5. This is an unusual case, and we will inform you of any possible additional charges prior to submitting your port to our vendors.

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