Managed IT Services

In today’s economic environment, medical practice’s fight to keep their costs down, while technology is constantly changing.  Technology that becomes obsolete after 3 years, and requires further expenditure on upgrades.  Over the years, medical offices spent money to either hire their own in house IT staff, or outsource.  Still, there are costs associated with either model, not including the thousands of dollars invested on hardware and software expenses needed as well.  Our healthcare cloud was designed to help healthcare providers efficiently and effectively manage their office, shifting the management and cost of IT from the back office to HIPAA compliant state of the art data centers.

Now, with the growing pressure for medical offices to adopt systems for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) while adhering to strict HIPAA standards, it becomes harder for a practice to focus on patient care.

The Patient Charge Cloud Network is designed to reduce the overall cost of IT ownership for healthcare, and allow medical practices and hospitals to use that saved money towards other areas of day to day business.  Our IT Cloud solutions meet the scalability and accessibility required by EMR, and adhere to the strict standards of HIPAA.  Managed IT that economically scales on demand, at a much lower cost than either of the older models used by hospitals and medical practices.

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